I have been teaching English online for over 9 years.
I coach students in how to carefully prepare for their IELTS, Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency exams, placing a particular emphasis on the Speaking and Writing elements in order to overcome the complexities of English Grammar. I then help them understand how to approach and answer correctly all sections of the exam, since understanding the correct structure of each Section is essential to gaining a high grade.

From my previous career as an International Chartered Insurance Loss Adjuster, I have extensive knowledge of business and how it works. I assist senior business owner/managers worldwide to understand the nuances of Business English, particularly when it applies to negotiation, presentation, discussion and the often omitted art of small talk. I am regularly asked to help in the preparation of a PowerPoint a presentation, and then coach in the finessing of physical presentation skills, as well as how to develop clear pronunciation, diction and intonation.

I invite you to spend 30 minutes with me so that you can see the way I may be able to help you. Some would call this a Trial Lesson, but I prefer to treat it as a “Get-to-know-you” session; an exercise to establish if we can work together to help you achieve your goals. I will come to understand where your fears lie in learning English and we can draw up an outline plan to help you overcome these fears and other issues. After this brief session, I will give you the opportunity of completing a very comprehensive Placement Test so that you can see for yourself at what CEFR Level your English Grammar currently stands.

Just book your “Get-to-know-you” session now – after all, you have nothing to lose, but possibly everything to gain.